The Top 10 Weirdest People is a list that was released by Biased Ratings in the year 1800 to organize a list of the weirdest people in the entire UnWorld. Though some think it is a good idea, the smart people told them it was a bad idea. It is now regarded as a bad idea. The list is updated every century to take into account all of the new weird people that seem to show up. To see the various lists, look below (we have high-tech now wit da slider things 'cause w're profushunol like dat!)


1800 Edition (original)

  • 10. Mario: He is a plumber with a mustache. He is also really weird, so yeah....Go to Mario
  • 9. Po: She is some red dude. She's got a doughnut on her head, so she's weird.Go to Po
  • 8. Count Dooku: Count Dooku is this freak. And he's weird.Go to Count Dooku
  • 7. Momorail Cat: This little kitty is some freak who thinks he is a monorail. Yeah. WEIRD.Go to Monorail Cat
  • 6. Dancing Banana: This magical banana guy is known to break out dancing while singing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time!" He is a weirdo.Go to Dancing Banana
  • 5. Link: He is the guardian of Hyrule. He is also weird.Go to Link
  • 4. Luke Skywalker: This is a jedi knight who likes to beat up bad guys and is weird.Go to Luke Skywalker
  • 3. Patchy the Pirate: Arrg! He be weird!Go to Patchy the Pirate
  • 2. Easter Bunny: The Easter Bunny is a weird mutant bunny that gives kids candy because he misunderstood his mob boss. Enough said.Go to Easter Bunny
  • 1. Patrick Star: Patrick is stupid... and weird.Go to Patrick Star

1900 Edition

  • 10. Captain Lou Albano: This weirdo dances the Do the Mario dance.Go to Captain Lou Albano
  • 9. Chaz: A murderer. A weird murderer.Go to Chaz
  • 8. Patchy the Pirate: Arrg! He still be weird!Go to Patchy the Pirate
  • 7. Luke Skywalker: The jedi is the seventh weirdest person ever.Go to Luke Skywalker
  • 6. Patrick Star: Last century's champion, he has not done as much weird stuff in the last century so he went down. Poor Patrick.Go to Patrick Star
  • 5. Po: The stupid Teletubby with the doughnut on her head is weirder than ever.Go to Po
  • 3. Pedo Bear: Pedo Bear likes kids, and is therefore weird.Go to Pedo Bear
  • 2. Mario: The plumber with the mustache is weird. Very weird.Go to Mario
  • 1. Bugs Bunny: And this century's champion is BUGS BUNNY! We all saw it coming.Go to Bugs Bunny

2000 Edition

  • 10. Officer Weirdo: The weirdest officer in town.Go to Officer Weirdo
  • 9. Chuckles the Cheat: Weird AND stupid.Go to Chuckles the Cheat
  • 8. Mrs. Nesbitt: Enough said. Weirdo.Go to Mrs. Nesbitt
  • 7. Captain Obvious: Captain Obvious is weird!Go to Captain Obvious
  • 6. Dolan: Dolan is a weird version of Donald Duck, which is saying something.Go to Dolan
  • 5. Chuck E. Cheese: What's not weird about a mouse that owns a restaurant chain for kids?Go to Chuck E. Cheese
  • 4. Calendar Man: This weirdo thinks dressing up like a calendar will scare people.Go to Calendar Man
  • 3. Crash Bandicoot: Crash likes to bang into stuff with his head and eat lotsa waffles.Go to Crash Bandicoot
  • 2. Bugs Bunny: Though he is no longer our champion, he is still one of the weirdest.Go to Bugs Bunny
  • 1. Mario: The plumber with the mustache is officially the weirdest person ever.Go to Mario
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