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Oh hell no! It's him! Run like crazy, everyone, before he goes crack on us all!

Toonygas is a cartoon version of Giygas who behaves like a demonic clown. Unlike Giygas, he behaves insane and forms himself into a ball and bounces everywhere, causing chaos and destruction. He was created from a piece of Giygas, and the wondering ghost of a clown, which formed this evil maniac.

There is a $1,000,000,000 reward for his capture, though we believe he is currently too insane to be held any prison ever created.

Toonygas' Story

Once upon a time, there was an evil spirit thing called Giygas. Something happened, and some clown thing did something, and we ended up with Toonygas being created, and beating up Giygas. Giygas defeated Toonygas, and then gave him a ride to the hospital. They both killed people at the hospital, and then hated each other again. Toonygas ran away. THE END


Toonygas died in the War of the Negaverse, avenging the deaths of many other Giygas clones, such as Gaygas and Awesomegas. He was killed by Eggman Nega, who was wearing his brand-new robot armor.

Tsar bomba

Tsar bomba

Toonygas Bomber, a powerful attack when he's in super crazy rage mode. Because of this, Toonygas has become a huge threat.

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