Tony; serving a pizza with 7 large pepperonis with a smile on his face while also looking dead inside at the same time.

Tony is a pizza guy who makes frozen pizzas. You've probably heard about him before in how thin the frozen pizza crusts are. He them with select toppings including pepperoni, and cheese. That's all he does, and that's all he's known for, or will ever be known for. As you can see, this guy is a professional.

He has many similarities to Peppino. They both do the following:

  1. Wear an apron.
  2. Have pants that are the same color as their outline.
  3. Wear toques.
  4. Have mustaches.
  5. Have short hair.
Tony plush

Tony after staying up for a total of four score and seven minutes, a national record for least amount of sleep imaginable.[1]

After escaping the 9th circle of hell, Tony decided it'd be great selling frozen pizzas to Target after being in ice for so long. Nobody is the only person to know who Tony was before he died and came back to the mortal UnWorld. Tertiary sources tell us he's from the United States of UnAmerica.

He's made a couple of appearances in the show Mikoid: The Animation as a supporting character in episode 3: "Out-Pizzaing the Hut" and several cameos in later episodes.


  1. I jest
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