Negative Tomoki
Tomoki's Clone or Negative Tomoki was a clone of Tomoki Sawamura created during the War of The Negatives. Ironically, the clone was made after the supposed death of the real Tomoki.


As opposed to the real Tomoki Sawamura, who was gothic and a metalhead, Tomoki's Clone enjoyed pop music and was very preppy, constantly adding "like" to the middle of her sentences.


Tomoki's Clone was a very important figure during the first battle of the War of the Negatives. She destroyed 5,000 of 10,000 of Napoleon Bonoparte's army just by her annoying voice. However, Bonoparte avenged them in the next battle by decapitating Tomoki's Clone with a twig. Also, it should be noted that Tomoki's Clone ate the Annoying Annoying Devil Fruit, which makes her voice atrocious to listen to, no matter how bad it already was.

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