Tommy Pickles

Tommy Pickles: Nazi Elite

Tommy M. Pickles is the head of the infamous Nazi group the Rugrats, and arguably the most dangerous Baby in the entire UnUniverse. Tommy is currently the third most powerful Nazi in the UnWorld, after Bowser and Hitler's clone. It is believed he's hiding in Poland, but we're not sure because we don't really know much of anything.


Tommy Pickles was born in 1807. When Nathan Drake was elected President of the United States of UnAmerica in 1808, Vendetta Williams took action. She gathered several babies, and cast a spell on them to make them babies forever. Tommy was her personal favorite, as he was related to mass murderer Stu Pickles. Tommy was granted leadership status of the newly formed Rugrats.

Shortly after the Rugrats were formed, the War of 1812 broke out. The Rugrats were deployed into live combat, and Tommy Pickles was foolishly trusted to be the main force in the Siege of New York. The battle failed miserably, and Tommy retreated with the remaining German forces.

A little bit later, Tommy was given a second chance when Antarctica joined the war. The foolish penguins thought they were in control of UnAmerica (they weren't), so they fought to defend it. Tommy led the battle, and managed to destroy a good portion of UnAmerica with bombs. Eventually, the war came to an end. German ruler Adolf Hitler lost power, and the Rugrats were forced to go into hiding.

The Rugrats hid until 2012, when they were called upon to fight in the War of 2012. Tommy, just like Everybody else, tried to reenact the War of 1812. This failed miserably, and the war ended in one day. Tommy returned to hiding. His current whereabouts, whatabouts, whoabouts, and howabouts were unknown, but that changed in 2014. A group of idiots who were wanting to be famous discovered he was hiding in England. Tommy spent the next two years running. then Tommy realized he had only one choice. He had to go back to his father. He managed to get to get to him, only to be treated badly. Tommy is now a servant to his father, and is living his karma.

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