Cquote1 Chocolate, did you say, chocolate? Cquote2
Cquote1 Yes, with or without nuts? Cquote2
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Cquote1 CHOCOLATE! Cquote2
Cquote1 CHOCOLAAATE! Cquote2
Cquote1 CHOCOLAAAAAAAATE etc. Cquote2

Tom's signature photograph.

Tom (Mostly known as the Chocolate Fish or sometimes Chocolate Tom) is a mental fish who is addicted to chocolate all the time. He once chased SpongeBob SquarePants because he had chocolate, and got his chocolate. He is a very rich guy because he took over Germany for a while. And we think he served in some war or something, because he is one of the people who got the Iron Butt.

Origin and Early life

He was born in a chocolate factory, and grew up there for 13 years before scarfing the entire factory down (because it was made of chocolate). After graduating from high school, he went on a chocolate rampage, eating a total of 6,000,000 chocolate bars.


He is still alive, and is raiding snack shops that contain chocolate. He first raided a 7-11 store, and took off with all the chocolate in there, and set the store on fire. Luckily, no one was killed.

As of the Burger War, Tom is in critical condition. He was awarded the Iron Butt and his days are numbered.


He can yell out chocolate very loud, and scare off most people. He is so aggressive, even Weegee fears him.


  • He eats 600,000 chocolate bars a day, but he slims down due to constantly running around for more chocolate.
  • His least favorite Chocolate is white chocolate.
  • His favorite song is Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain" (everyone would have guessed that).
  • Some say that he was the one who revived Tay Zonday after he was killed by Kool Aid Guy.

Sparta Remix and other songs

Yes, he has his own Sparta Remix for his extreme addiction of chocolate.

thumb|left|300px|Tom's Sparta Remix of Chocolate.

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