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Just Godzilla starting a routine rampage of Tokyo

A common sight in Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities on Earth. It has lots of awesome stuff such as Pokemon and lame and cringe stuff. It is located in Japan where most of the city has slanted eye people. (No offense if you have slanted eyes) It is also the location of various animes.


Tokyo was founded by an awesome guy then he got more awesome guys but he ended up attracting lame and cringe guys. The awesome guy made some awesome games to sell to the world. Godzilla attacked Tokyo because San Francisco was too small. Also, most of the citizens got mutated into slanty eyes. Some random guy invented anime and the other side of the world loved it.

Places in Tokyo

  • Road
  • The Beach
  • Anime school (the windows are currently being repaired from Jotaro's fight with Kakyoin)
  • McDonalds
  • The Hood
  • Fukushima
  • Sega HQ
  • Tokyo city
  • Place where lots of Americans hang out
  • Someone's house
  • The place where Godzilla attacked
  • Cool Underground City
  • Sushi place
  • Non-Anime school
  • Where anime takes place
  • Didneyland
  • IKEA
  • And many more