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Full name: Tohru
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual (In love with Kobayashi)
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Orange
Age: Early 20's
Species: Dragon (True), Human (Disguise)
AKA: The Virtue of Chastity
Likes: Purity within the human body
Dislikes: Being dirty
Occupation: Maid of Kobayashi
Known For: Helping Kobayashi and staying pure
Powers: Fire

Tohru is the dragon maid who works for and is married to Koboyashi.

She is the Heavenly Virtue of Chastity.


She can turn into a dragon and a human-dragon hybrid and back (similar to how Transformers transform, except Transformers are electronic and mechanical, and Tohru is magical and fleshy).

Tohru was formerly a villain, but then she became a hero. She will do anything anyone asks her to do.

She has fought against villains such as 4chan Sniper, the five very evil CombaticonsDiesel 10 (who nearly got scrapped by this behemoth, especially in her dragon form), the TeletubbiesSquilliam FancysonThe Second Coming, StarscreamVice-Admiral StanleyVon NebulaFortran, and Grand Dad in the UnAnything Death Battle.

Tohru refused to have sex until her scheduled marriage with Kobayashi, showing purity. This triggered Quetzalcoatl considering she was her former friend.

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