Cquote1 YOU'RE TOAST! Cquote2
Some guy, to the toast.
Not to be confused with Tubby Toast.
Toast is the product of Bread being put into a Toaster. It becomes yummier this way, especially with a condiment like

Toast.before being toasted



Toast is like bread, except toasted. Is there anything else to say? Then again, you should know this.


WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BURN THE TOAST! IT IS A CRIME EVERYWHERE! Oh, and it tastes bad when you burn it too. So, whatever you do, DO NOT BURN THE TOAST! Not kidding, don't burn it. I'll hit you with my raygun, which has a power level of OVER 9000!!! No matter WHAT Mario says, DON'T TOAST TOAST BECAUSE ALL TOASTERS DON'T TOAST TOAST!

Toasted Toast


Toasted toast. How scary!

Toasted Toast is one of the yuckiest food ever, rather than Pocoyo Chips and Tubby Toast. It tastes like Tide Pods being washed on a sink then burned on a microwave. It's something to not feed the BBC, nor even Pedo Bear and You. However, Chuck Norris uses toasted toast as a punishment. Pocoyo adores Toasted Toast, and he eats it on Saturdays replacing Pocoyo Chips.


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