Toadsworth the friendly toad.

Toadsworth was the first Toad clone ever created. He was created by King Fruit when the Mushroom Kingdom was first created. He is now the oldest toad clone, and the oldest toad that is not locked in a cryotube. As he is a toad, he is automatically an idiot and a loser, as Chuck Norris cursed the original toad.


One day King Fruit decided he wanted a kingdom in 1 AD. So, he made the Mushroom Kingdom. But then he realized he had no people to rule. He solved this problem by taking Toad, and cloning him over and over. But the first toad was Toadsworth. Most of the clones only lasted a few months, as they were either eaten or killed. But Toadsworth got lucky, and survived over 2000 years.

Toadsworth is most well known for fighting in the Videogame War, despite his age. Already being Peach's adviser, he became general upon the outbreak of the war. He led the Mushroom forces incredibly poorly, as he is a stupid toad. But he did very good in comparison to the other toads. He was honored for his service.

Today, Toadsworth lives in retirement. Only occasionally does he come out of his house, and it's usually just to hit Mario with his cane while screaming "You rotten kid!" Occasionally, however, Toadsworth comes out to help fight the evil forces of Bowser. But he usually just falls asleep in combat or trips and breaks a bunch of bones.

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