Tinky Winky's Adventure is an episode of Teletubbies (2015 TV series). Tinky Winky goes on his own little adventure.


The episode starts with Noo-Noo tidying Home Dome as usual. Tinky Winky comes in and has some Tubby Custard.When he finishes, he decides to go to planet Ogg to spend his afternoon. He gets in a rocket which Dipsy had been working on, he steals it. With that, Tinky Winky launches off. Meanwhile, The Tiddlytubbies are playing with their toys. Umpie Pumpie throws a bomb at Ping, which causes ping to explode.

Tinky Winky lands in Ogg, where weird people are walking around. Tinky Winky decides to dance. He dances a certain dance called the stamping and stepping dance. Tinky Winky keeps on dancing until, Out of nowhere, WaWaBonzi Buddy appears. and begins to attack, but Tinky Winky runs away before he has a chance.

Back on Teletubby Land, Laa-Laa sees the tubby custard Tinky Winky has having earlier, and eats it up. Then Alt 2.0 comes and sits down for a rest. Noo Noo sucks her up, so Po runs over Noo Noo with PO COOTAH which sends Alt 2.0 flying out and landing on Ba's head, crushing and eventually killing him .

Tinky Winky runs away from WaWaBonzi Buddy. He jumps in the spaceship and quickly takes off.

At Teletubby Land, Po, Laa Laa and Dipsy wonder where Tinky Winky is. They sit down at the table, along with Alt 2.0 who sits on Tinky Winky's seat,lying on the table falling asleep. they hear explosion sounds coming from the Tiddlytubbies' Nursery, and see Daa-Daa throwing another bomb at Umpie Pumpie. Umpie Pumpie actually survives and throws the bomb back at Daa-Daa's face, and he explodes. Umpie Pumpie claps.

Tinky Winky takes off. He lands just outside of Home Dome. Noo Noo sucks the ship and Tinky Winky up, and explodes. Tinky Winky lands right on Alt 2.0, who just woke up from her nap. Umpie Pumpie Claps again. Po runs Umpie Pumpie with PO COOTAH. The episode ends with a shot of Tinky Winky asleep before Tubby Bye Bye.


This episode was claimed the worst episode of the show by Biased Ratings because Tinky Winky is too stupid to know that he could use the Tubby Phone.

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