Tinky Winkytwo does not have a fruitiloop of doom.

Tinky-Winkytwo was created when Dipsy had the bright idea to clone Tinky-Winky using the Tele-Clone-O-Thingy 9000 that Po created because he thought it would be funny. For some reason, he eventually found Mewtwo and since they were both two-people they became *gag* BFFS.<3 Yuck...

When I say "BFFS<3" I mean holding hands spinning around in a field of flowers. The very thought of Mewtwo even wanting to do that utterly sickens me, and sickens us all. (Wikia Contributor immediately runs to the toilet to lose all meals from the last week or so and loses about ten pounds during the process. Hooray for vomiting!)

Like I was gonna say, Tinky-Winkytwo, aside from being best friends with Mewtwo, has his heart set on world domination. Like all "twos", Tinky-Winkytwo talks in a deep voice and is dead-serious about everything that lives and breathes. Except he only does it in Koopanese.

Tinky-Winkytwo was the original Teletubby clone. When more were made, Tinky-Winkytwo got kinda jealous and stated beating people up with Mewtwo. They stormed Tubby Tower (literally with a storm, 'cause Mewtwo can do that), and beat up the real Tinky-Winky.

He (or she) was born cloned by WaBowarigi on planet Plit in the 10th dimension in the ancient year of 1992

. That makes him (or her) even more peculiar. Scientists are researching Tinky-Winkythree and there is a theory that there may be a Tinky-Winkythree... WaTinky-Winkytwo... or perhaps... a *gulp* WaTinky-Winkythree. (Dad forbid that will ever happen.) I'm going to bed.

Ahhh... that was a nice nap... good morning, everyone...

Where was I?

Oh, right! I gotta keep writing about nonsense regarding an imaginary character that I came up with!

Sooo... in terms of STRENGTH... Tinky-Winkytwo isn't all that strong... when he's ALONE that is. When he's alone, he's the hit-you-with-a-textbook kind of strong at best. And when it comes to emotional strength, he's a delicate little flower. In 2007, when a little girl came up to TW2 and referred to him as the harsh, unforgiving insult many know of as a "stupid-head", TW2 took that insult HARD. No amount of heart stabbing, limb ripping, or organ burning could ever compare to the intense, emotion-heavy pain TW2 felt at the time. (Man, I should be writing cheesy emo poems instead of editing wiki pages, but I'd rather be doing this than be emo.)

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