Tingle prepares to unleash his unbridled rage on capitalist pigs



Tingle is a valued member and the leader of the Hyrule Communist Party, In which he plays the role of CEO. Tingle's age is unknown as he is suspected to be immortal, and he will not disclose this information. Tingle feels very strongly about his politicial views, beating anyone to death who mentions they dislike communism, or are not a communism. It is not reccomended to bring up politics around Tingle.


Tingle has appeared in a few video shames, such as HaloBob GunPants , appearing as a boss in the layer of sin. He used a massive balloon. He also appeared in a lot of unreleased zegend of lelda games, and these games were lost somewhere within Hyrule.


While Tingles birthdate is unknown, it is believed he was raised in the layer of Lust, 2nd layer of hell, for multiple years until he came to Hyrule riding upon a giant whale, along with his good friend Link .

 When arriving in Hyrule, Link and Tingle went seperate ways. Tingle wandered around Hyrule for a while,
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Tingle flirting with you. Do not fall into his trap.

 eventually coming upon the Hyrulean Civil War. He fought under Bowser's team in the Hyrulean civil war, and fled after losing in hand to hand combat with Meta Knight , Who demolished him.

He then fled, to West Hyrule, where he pursued his romantic endevours. He got no lover because he sucks.

After these devastating losses, Tingle went into training and bought a balloon for some reason. He now fights with a balloon and his pure manly energy. 

Once his training was complete, He realized that everyone but him was bad and he made the Hyrule Communist Party. This gave him purpose in his life and made him suck slightly less.

He now attempts to find people to recruit for the Hyrule Communist Party, but no one wants to join because they are intimidated by his manly body, however a few members have joined


Tingle sucks

Tingles battle cry is "Koolah Limpa." This is believed to be a satanic war cry from the layer of lust, however some experts believe this to be untrue.

His balloon is red. cool.

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