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Timmy Turner: Great and Evil Overlord of Earth

Timmy is an average kid, that no one understands. Mom and Dad and Vicky, always giving him commands (BED, TWERP!). The doom and gloom up in his room is broken instantly, with 3 fairy parents who grant his every wish, served up on a dish (lol wut). They are his Odd Parents, Fairy Odd Parenrs. We got a ping pong, funky song, red hot monkey dong, pufferfish, magic wish, all of wish is mega rubbish-GUAVA JUICE, LAVA MOOSE, COLD BLUE CORNY GOOSE, BIG MAC, BIRTHDAY CAKE, LARGE FRIES CHOCOLATE SHAKE! Odd Parents, Fairy Oddparents! If you are down to a pile of rubbish, here's a stupid wish! (Yeah right) POOF! JK, we din't know the lyrics at all! In all actuality, Timmy Turner is a deluded psychopath who believes he possesses two all-powerful beings that can make his every thought become true. In reality, all he has are two moderately-powerful beings that can make 0.0004% of his wishes come true because of Da Rules. Timmy Turner is a threat to society and must be exterminated at all cost.


Timmy was once a young boy with neglectful parents and a satanic babysitter named Vicky. He tried to tell the police, but he was just a little kid so they never listened. He instead decided to get revenge. He used his very few skills to set up a crude deathtrap. He was just about to activate it and wipe out the entire town when Cosmo and Navi arrived. They told him they were fairly oddparents. He thought they said fairy godparents, so he stopped the deathtrap and started wishing for stuff.

There is no point in writing this history section any further, for Timmy has done everything. If it is possible, he has done it. If it is impossible, he has done it. Timmy has gone on great quests, murdered thousands, and even enslaved all of mankind. All of these adventures all had some cheesy moral (most of them were "don't play with magic you idiot") and they were promptly unwished.