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[[File:Hourglass.jpg|thumb|200px]]The UnUniverse exists for 13.8 billion years. During these years many things happened. This article contains the most important dates in history of UnWorld.
#REDIRECT [[Timeline of the UnOmniverse]]
==Timeline of UnWorld==
*13800000000 BC - UnUniverse finally creates itself.
*9000000000 BC - [[Chuck Norris]] suddenly appears.
*8000000000 BC - First stars appear. [[Blake Ashton]] appears from an Bang
*7000000000 BC - [[Giygas]] appears from nowhere.
*6000000000 BC - First planets appear.
*5000000000 BC - [[Maxwell]] appears from the dark matter.
*5000003000 BC - UnWeegian Clone #643 appears from a time machine.
*4500000000 BC - The T-5001 appears in its final form (via time travel) and shapeshifts into its planet form. This will later become the UnWorld. And [[Blake Ashton]] Becomes A Planet Too.
*4000000000 BC - First [[stupid]] creatures appear.
*3500000000 BC - Stupid creatures mutate into an intelligent race known as Worms.
*3000000000 BC - Worms send a nuclear missile into space and it hits Chuck Norris.
*2999999999 BC - Chuck Norris makes every worm [[DIE]]!!! The planet is covered by a great ocean. Next worms are much smaller and have no brains. Giygas steals all Worms' technology to create Devil's Machine.
*2000000000 BC - Chuck Norris creates first land.
*1500000000 BC - 1/3 of the UnWorld is covered with land.
*1000000000 BC - Aliens land on the UnWorld and leave 42 Monolites.
*700000000 BC - Second stupid creatures appear.
*350000000 BC - Dinosaurs appear and PWN stupid creatures.
*300000000 BC - Dinosaurs find Monolites and send them to space. What dumb creatures...
*100000000 BC - Monkeys appear.
*65000000 BC - A meteorite falls on the UnWorld. It make every dinosaur (except [[Yoshi]]s and some Tyrannosaurs) DIE!!!
*50000000 BC - Monkeys take over the world. For some reason [[M. Bison]] doesn't comment on this...
*40000000 BC - Monkeys send nuclear missile in space and it hits Giygas' Devil's Machine.
*30000000 BC - Giygas finally reaches the UnWorld and takes every monkey's soul. Monkey lost every technology they explored and started to live on trees and eat bananas.
*30000000 BC - Aliens send back one Monolite.
*4000000 BC - One Monkey reaches a Monolite and becomes intelligent.
*2000000 BC - [[Humans]] appear. HOORAY!!!!
*1999999 BC - [[Nintendo]] is founded, and creates its first shame.
*1999998 BC - [[NintenD'oh]] is founded, and creates its first shame.
*1999997 BC - [[SEGA]] and [[Namco]] are founded, and create their first shames.
*998224 BC - The [[United States of UnAmerica]] is formed, but its existence remains unknown.
*???? BC - [[Sparta]] rises and PWNS everything.
*7152 BC - Australia is discovered.
*5274 BC - [[N. Sanity Island]] is bombed by Sparta, causing it to separate from the mainland. It is taken over by lizards.
*5068 BC - The humans take over N. Sanity Island.
*1500 BC - Ancient [[Japan]] is invaded by Giant Enemy Crabs.
*1000 BC - [[Bowser]] creates a [[Koopa]] and brainwashes it.
*51 BC - [[Leonidas]] pays his debts to [[Darth Vader]] with [[France]].
*12 BC - The first [[Pac-People]] appear and take over Australia (renamed [[Pac-Land]])
*0 BC - Nothing happens
*0 AD - More nothing happens
*1 - [[Mushroom Kingdom]] and [[Hyrule]] are created. [[Toadsworth]] is born.
*5 - [[Mickey Mouse]] comes to power.
*10 - Squadala Man is born on [[Squadala Island]].
*23 - The [[Teletubby Army]] was founded by [[Po]], an epic teletubby.
*30 - Squadala Man works for Bowser, and gets the [[Squadala Empire]].
*[[42]] - [[Bruce Lee]] is created by Chuck Norris and [[The Awesome One]].
*??????? - The [[ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ]] is created.
*140 - The [[First Teletubby War]] breaks out.
*174 - Mickey Mouse dies in the war.
*200 - The First Teletubby War is over.
*388 - [[Bowser]] becomes king of the Koopas.
*641 - [[Evil Land]] is created.
*731 - Dr. Robotnik creates "[[Pinkie Pie|Pinkamena Diane Pie]]" to invade the UnWorld. After finding her useless, Robotnik moves her to [[Ponyville]].
*892 - [[Ducky]] is born.
*1100 - [[Germany]] is first founded.
*1003 - [[Master Hand]] receives "Hater of the First Millennium" award.
*1224 - [[The Fakegee War]] breaks out.
*1358 - [[Bowser's Castle]] was created.
*1424 - The [[Robotnik Family]] is officially bonded together into one ancestral house.
*1491 - The "New World" (which is actually part of the same world) is discovered.
*1497 - [[Elena of Avalor]] is born
*1500 - [[Hyrulian Civil War]] begins.
*1504 - [[Canada]] is formed.
*1510 - [[Robot Chicken]] is born when all robotic pieces fall to the normal chicken, and the soul combines the pieces and the chicken.
*1513 - Elena of Avalor gets trapped in [[Stupid Sofia the Stupid First]]'s amulet.
*1516 - The [[First Robloxian War]] begins.
*1518 - The First Robloxian War fails epically due to a epic thundershock in the general of the war.
*1538 - The proclaimed Antichrist, [[Toka Ryuumonbuchi]], is born.
*1551 - Toka comes to power.
*1552 - [[Dolan]] is born and takes over Robotnik's house, but it fails.
*1553 - Toka dies.
*1581 - [[Mario]] and [[Luigi]] are born.
*1646 - [[Super Mario Cookies]] are released.
*1710 - Princess [[Peach]] is born.
*1730 - Mario falls asleep for 250 years. Luigi assassinates Toadsworth, the king of Mushroom Kingdom, and then kills his son. So his granddaughter, [[Peach]], comes to power.[[Luigi]] Dies.
*1728 - The [[First Pickle War]] takes place.
*1736 - The [[Second Pickle War]] begins.
*1763 - [[Hollywood]] has been created.
*1776 - The [[United States of UnAmerica]] is formed (though its actually been around for a million years).
*180? - World's first water-balloon.
*1800 - Zap-zap (electricity for you un-funny, illogics) is conducted with kite and key by some British-American genius guy wutever.
*1811 - Adolf Hitler comes to power.
*1812 - The [[War of 1812]] starts.
*1939 - People start to [[World War II|brutally kill each other]]
*1942 - Adolf Hitler dies. Poor him, yay for everyone else.
*1947 - N. Sanity Island is taken over by [[Neo Cortex]]. [[Crash Bandicoot]] comes along, and takes over.
*1950 - [[War of the Fire Flower]] happens.
*1954 - The [[Robotnik Wars|First Robotnik War]] happens. The dragons invade the UnWorld, and [[Dragonrealm]] and [[Sony]] are both created.
*1958 - The Second Robotnik War happens.
*1961 - [[Soviet Russia]] sends Death Star to space.
*1967 - The United States of UnAmerica takes over the Moon.
*1968 - The [[Sony Civil War]] begins.
*1968 - [[Umbrella Corporation]] is formed.
*1976 - Trololo Man performs his №1 hit song.
*1978 - [[Sonic]] is born. [[Space Invaders]] make their first attack.
*1980 - Mario wakes up from his 250 year sleep.
* 1985 - [[Batman]] fights [[Superman]] and dies...sort of.
* 1986 - Fido Dido was created.
*1987 - The Hyrulian Civil War is finally resolved.
*1990 - [[Star Fox]] born and attacks Robotnik's laboratory.
*1991 - Sonic appears in shames.
*1993 - Robotnik explores [[Promotion]]!
*1994 - Sonic becomes emperor of the [[Sonic Islands]].
*1998 - [[Mickey Mouse]] has the wrath to destroy Evil Land, to save the UnWorld from evil.
*1999 - The [[Videogame War]] breaks out.
*1999 - [[Raccoon City]] destroyed by [[zombies]] and [[BOOM!]]
*[[199X]] - Ness and the gang fight Giygas in a giant inter-dimensional realm.
*2000 - [[The Great Pumkin War]] begins.
*2001 - [[I.M. Meen]] receives "Hater of the Second Millennium" award. The [[1st Ducky War]] breaks out and the [[Ducky Empire]] is founded. The Great Pumkin war ends.
*2002 - The [[1st Ducky War]] ends. The Cogs Are Created By [[Ducky]].
*2003 - [[User:AzureAzulCrash|Azu]][[User:Azure the Serval|re]] is born. [[Gags]] Are Created By Toons.
*2005 - [[YouTube]] is created by some mad scientist. The [[2nd Ducky War]] Starts.
*2007 - [[The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny]] takes place here. A bunch of guys die.
*2009 - The [[2nd Spartan War]] breaks out. [[Google]] and [[Yahoo!]] are created
===Late 21st Century era===
*2010 - [[Ophelia]] is spotted near I.M. Meen, The [[Blake Ashton|Planet]] Returns In A Time Machine, And He Turns Back To Normal.
*2011 - [[The scratch cat]] tries to conquer the world but fails epically
*2012 - Doomsday happens but nobody is hurt.
*Mid 2013 - [[Obama]] becomes president. [[The Old War]] begins.
*Late 2013 - The "[[This is Bob War]]" begins.
*Mid 2016 - A cat gets a lime stuck on his head, turning him into [[Limecat]].
*Late 2016 - [[Blake Ashton]] creates living [[Fries]].
*2017 - [[Ducky]] and [[Dark Ducky]] fight for the first time, destroying [[Kakariko Village]]. The [[Undefeatables]] gain twelve additional members.
*2019 - The 2nd Ducky War ends.
*2021 - Star Fox becomes serious and starts fighting with the Teletubby Army.
*2031 - Chuck Norris [[The Only Defeat of Chuck Norris|ACTUALLY GETS DEFEATED]]! Sort of...
*2040 - Robotnik makes his hit shame "[[Mortal Pingas]]", giving him enough funding to cause lotsa death and destruction.
*2050 - Spaceship reaches [[Alpha Centauri]].
*2053 - [[Jinx]] dies due to lack of oxygen
*2093 - Bowser creates a Space Base for himself.
*2101 - War was beginning. [[Catz]] made [[All your base are belong to us|all your base are belong to us]].
*2310 - Mickey Mouse's Future Side, [[Epic Mickey]] was born.
*2359 - Bowser destroys Teletubby Land for no good reason.
*2401 - [[P.I.N.G.A.S.]], a epic space station by Robotnik was created.
*2552 - [[Master Chief]] starts beating up big, bad, aliens.
*2557 - Master Chief travels back in time.
*2723 - [[Cyber-Dee]] beats up 6000 [[PagUn]]s and almost beat up [[T-5001]] and [[T-5000]].
*2891 - [[Malleo]] and [[Cyber-Dee]] team up against the PagUns from Alpha Centauri and blows them up, therefore leaving a portal to the fourth dimension.
*2967 - [[Chuck Norris]] hates what Cyber-Dee is doing and [[Battle of Undefeatable Palace|takes his undefeatable power from him]].
*3000 - Doomsday happens again and sends everyone to the 4th dimension, but most people were able to return back to the UnWorld the day after.
*3155 - Bowser sent his Space Base in Space.
*3159 - Adventure Time takes place
===[[World War III]] and the [[End of Days]]===
*3156 - [[Marguerite Williams]], [[Vendetta Williams]]' great great great great great (10X later) granddaughter, is born.
*3178 - Williams wages [[World War III|war]] against the UnWorld.
*3179 - [[Adolf Hitler]], Vendetta Williams, and [[Toka Ryuumonbuchi|TOKA RYUUMONBUCHI]] HERSELF are resurrected.
*3182 - America and Antarctica are blown up by nuclear war.
*3187 - Europe goes to great lengths to end the war but fails epically, getting destroyed in the process.
*3192 - Hitler and Vendetta Williams are assassinated by Hungry Pumpkin.
*3195 - War REALLY gets out of hand when Toka Ryuumonbuchi gets the alien race, The [[Irkens]], involved in the war.
*3196 - Ryuumonbuchi is killed when Pac-Land is bombarded by nuclear bombs.
*3197 - By this point, 25% of the world's population is wiped out.
*3198 - Irkens are destroyed.
*3199 - Marguerite Williams is finally killed.
*4000 - The war ends, and by this point ''30% ''of the world's population is wiped out.
*4001 - Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee duke it out in a final battle. This starts a chain reaction that wipes out half of the UnUniverse.
===After The Half-Apocalypse===
*4002 - Only 60% of people (of the former population before the Half-Apocalypse) now walk the Earth.
*4003 - Chuck Norris makes a pact with Zeus.
*4006 - Now only 55% of people walk the Earth.
*4008 - 50%...
*4010 - 45%...
*4013 - 40% of people still exist.
*4021 - The world is now ruled by [[Nobody]].
*4031 - [[Kittehlandia]] ceases to exist.
*4424 - The Teletubbies finally rise up again and create the [[Neotubby Empire]]
* 1392AA - Since Kermit gave Garfield too much lasagna everything but Chuck Norris, the Griffin, Kermit, Captain 0, and Garfield recede into the BIG CRUNCH.
* 43434344AA- A new, improved Energizer Bunny is created.
* 5443434344AA- A new universe takes its place.
== Potato Era ==
*4426 - Potatoes take over the UnUniverse.
*4437 - Chuck Norris gets defeated again... sorta.
*4440 - Almost everyone in the UnUniverse is a potato.
*4443 - Potatoes begin to take over the UnMultiverse.
*4449 - Potatoes now own the entire UnOmniverse.
*4457 - Potatoes have taken over the entire EVERYTHING OUT THERE.
*4461 - Sir Potabill Spuddo Jackson Nintendo DXLVII finds the end of the EVERYTHING OUT THERE. It's a blue and green door. When you go in the door, you are forever trapped in an infinite white space for all eternity. Everything that does not exist can be found in there. It is so protected that not even CHUCK NORRIS can break out.
*4465 - Kermit creates another heaven.
*4466 - Happycat turns Kermit into a lizard person.
*4469 - WaKermit destroys Kermit in World War IV.
*4472 - Shupa Malleo Maker is invented by Nintenderp.
==UnWeegian Empiran Era==
*4479 - The United 'Gees Galaxy and the UnMilkyWay combine to create the UnWeegian Empire.
*4483 - UnWeegian Clone #643 goes back in time to 5000003000 BC.
*4493 - [[Alt 3.0]] appears.
*4511 - Everyone in the UnWeegian Empire fuses together by accident and creates [[Asplode]] Sauce.
*4520 - The T-5001 goes back in time to create the UnUniverse.
*4521 - Captain H makes the Gamagiverse.
== Satanist Empirian Era ==
* 5008 - The [[Satanist Empire]] is born and settled on Antarctica by [[Googolplex]].
* 5200 - [[Googolplex]] dies and [[Starscream]] takes over.
* 43438345- A new, improved Energizer Bunny is created.
* 1,181,828,288 - [[Starscream]] dies and [[The Chosen One|The Second Coming]] does something new.
== Neo-Satanist Empirian Era ==
* 1,181,828,288 - [[The Chosen One|The Second Coming]] recreates the [[Satanist Empire]] on some foreign planet.
* 2,000,000,000,000 - [[The Chosen One|The Second Coming]], along with [[Herobrine]], [[Scanty (Character)|Scanty]], and [[Kneesocks (Character)|Kneesocks]] resurrect [[Googolplex]] and give him an upgrade and his position of emperor back.
* 2,000,000,000,003 - The Second Coming kills the Griffin.
* 2,000,000,160,017 - [[Googolplex]] murders [[WGBH Boston]] and [[TOO BAD Screen]] proving how heartless and cruel the resurrected leader is.
== Last days ==
* 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - The UnUniverse ends due to Angry German Kid screeching way too loud. Anyone who were to survive the deafening screech (including Garfield and Chuck Norris) moved to the Gamagiverse.
=== ''The End. (or is it?)'' ===

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