TimePlay is a shame, but just any shame. You can play it in movie theaters. How? Use your phone. It has movie trivia questions, mostly three or four.


Head to Head

You pick one, you earn points. The faster you answer, the higher your points.


You type the correct answers using your phone to remove the tiles.

Pick 3

You pick 3 images that answer the question.

Screen Test

Random people appear and you pick the correct answer.

Buzz In

Might sound like a stupid shame name, right? You hit the giant yes button on your phone when a picture appears.

Big Picture

AAAAAHHHHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIFES EVERYONE!!!!!1 You type the answer, the only one answer.

What's My Line

You pick the correct line before the person says anything.

Quiz It

You pick the correct answer that answers the question.

Rank Em

You drag the images in the correct order in order to rank them.

Order Up

Same as last shame, but in a different way, like, "Sort these movies from oldest to newest".

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