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Tiger Tail (middle), Tweety (top right corner), Zimbies (left corners), Justin (left next to TT), Blue (bottom right corner), Tank (next to Blue)

Tiger Tail's Army is an army created by Tiger Tail to keep humans from destroying nature.

It was made when the anti-hero Tiger Tail got sick of human ruining his world, so he formed it.

these are the members:

  • Zimbies (next to doodle) make up most of the army
  • Tweety (in the right top corner) the commander
  • Blue (below Tweety) the battle strategist
    • Tank (next to blue) used as tank for Tweety
    • Justin (Next to zimbies)
    • TIGER TAIL (in the middle) the leader of the army


after the army was formed, Tiger Tail sent out Dementors to weaken the humans s he could attack

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