Badger vs fox

Badger vs fox

Tiger Tail Vs Dante the fox

Tiger Tail is an assassin. Basically he's a badger, but has a tiger's tail because of reasons.

Tiger Tail


Gender: Male
Hair color: Black & white
Eye color: Black
Species: Badger
Home: TT's Power Tower, Australia
Death: ASPLODED!, but got up and walked away
AKA: TT, Dr. T
Likes: Redemption
Dislikes: Evil guys
Education: Military training
Occupation: Emperor of Australia
Known For: Ruling Australia
UnRank: 10^100

In real Life

Not much is known about him after that. It is known that the film was real and that Tiger Tail is still alive but it is unknown were he is.

He actually lives out in the outbacks in Australia, his home country, with his henchman pal, Tweety. But don't tell Anybody!


Tiger Tail was born in UnAmerica and raised to hunt. His parents Boo and Momo learned that the baby badgers were strong but Tiger Tail was almost as strong as Chuck Norris! Tiger Tail ran off and attacked people. He also has an army, but the army can't actually do anything because he forgot to equip and train them. Once he finally did train them they turned out to be so deadly he didn't use them much.He was briefly mentioned in ANOTHER STORY.

Tiger Fall

He starred in the video game Tiger Fall.


  • Boo (mother)
  • Momo (father)
  • Tweety (best friend)
  • Army (friends)
  • Mini Tiger Tail (clone)
  • Zimbies (protectors)
  • Alpha Zimbie (god father)



He lives in the TT Power Tower in the penthouse with his army. Once Captain 0 stormed his office and blew him up for accidentally killing Doug. He was revived and returned to normal by Justin, sometime after Justin joined the Legion of Captains. He was put in jail for 30 seconds. After that he became good friends with Captain 0 despite him blowing up a military base. He has been attacked by a terrorist fox named Dante multiple times. At one point he dropped a bomb on the tower and blew up most of it but Tiger Tail shot most of his jets down. He has faced him many times. On December 13th, he battled him in Yellowstone park. Tiger Tail escaped into the field but Dante followed him and attacked him and almost killed him. He was about to finish him off when Tweety came and shot him down. Tiger Tail survived, but was captured from the park by Tim the Hunter and his gang.



Tiger Tail is captured


Dante mocking Tiger Tail, a few minutes before a climactic battle.

A fearful fight. Red Fox vs Badger in Yellowstone

A fearful fight. Red Fox vs Badger in Yellowstone. 子狐の巣穴を守る母狐とアナグマの戦い。イエローストン。

Tiger Tail confronts Dante again

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