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Reason: Target of vandalism in the past
" If global warming isn't real, how come it feels like GJ 1214b out here? "
  — Tierboskat
Tierboskat Cat Norris
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Yes
Hair color: Tawny and black
Eye color: Black
Age: 13.67 billion years old
UnBirthday: September 5
Species: Deity Cat
Height: 2'4"
Weight: 12 kg rest mass
Home: Undefeatable Palace
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: overrated
AKA: Tier, Lil Sogga (stage name), Lavres (Enediumic)
Likes: Explosions, space, explosions in space
Dislikes: Sonic 06
Education: Yes
Occupation: Gary Stu In-Character Janitor
Known For: being Stuff
Powers: Let me ask you something. Why wouldn't a Deity Cat have powers that you cannot grasp the true form of?
Alignment: Chaotic Good
UnRank: Graham's Number (3 → G63 → 3)

Tierboskat ("tiger bush cat" in Afrikaans) is a member of the Lower Counsel (and not, as some people believe, Upper Counsel) of Undefeatables, and the first-born son of Ceiling Cat. He has 1337 R4P SK1LLZ and socially-crippling anger management issues, and possibly a maniacal tendency to Blow Stuff Up. Despite this, he doesn't like being mean in video shames. He was rumored to be REALLY OP until it was disproven with the fact that characters were found to have been changed secretly behind the scenes, including Tierboskat himself.


On September 5th, 13,669,997,979 BC at 5:52 PM UnTime, Tierboskat was born after Ceiling Cat decided that the world needed more cats. He played shames for the next 2 billion years, until the Little Green Men showed up in the still-forming M87. At that point, he realized he needed to get out and do stuff, so he did stuff, which created the first nuclear fusion reactions since Big Bang Nucleo-somethng-sus. We will provide more info soon.


Around the time gang activity began to skyrocket UnWorldwide for strange reasons, Tierboskat decided enough was enough and invaded Canada. Surprisingly, everybody was ok with this. Soon after, an anime series called Tyger, detailing his time at Squidward Community College, was announced.


  • Hammerspace
  • Toon Force
  • Durability
  • Energy Blasts (we're researching these but they keep exploding our Walmart thermometers)


  • He can also turn into a humanized version of himself.
  • His paws can be used like hands. This is kind of a necessity.
  • He is, contrary to popular belief, not the reason anyone is hiding.
  • Despite appearances, and the fact that he's a cat, Tier has a sweet tooth. This has lead to 5555543333888 attacks on Standard Captains to extract and consume their reservoirs of Chocolate.
  • Tier hates it when sockpuppets try to edit HIS page.
  • Tier's most recent Funny Doing was dropping a Toyota Supra onto a landmine hood-first.
  • Tier is one of only a few Undefeatables who use the character infobox simply for aesthetics.
  • Tierboskat is staunchly anti-lean.



Stand: レーンボー・タイレノル (RAINBOW TYLENOL)
User: ティーエアボースカット (TIERBOSKAT)
Power: SSS Speed: A Range: A
Durability: A Precision: A Potential: S

RAINBOW TYLENOL has the ability to stop time, because of course. Oh, and it can punch stuff.