SO CUTE...are you sure they're evil? Yep. Totally evil.

The Tiddlytubbies are baby Teletubbies. They are really tiny compared to the Teletubbies despite that the Teletubbies are immortals (that look like toddlers) and these things are 20-year-olds (that look like babies), which makes NO SENSE whatsoever. They didn't appear on TV until Teletubbies (2015 TV series). Don't be fooled by their cute appearance.

There are actually 8 of them, four of whom are named Daa-Daa (the green one), Umpie-Pumpie (the yellow one), Ba (the blue one), and Ping (the pink one). But, NOBODY (except for the Teletubbies, Noo-Noo, Alt 2.0, and us) KNOWS WHICH IS WHICH.


Since Teletubbies have no reproductive organs and are too young stuff, Dipsy gave birth to the Tiddlytubbies in 1995 through a test tube, as per Po's request. The thing is, Po found some Teletubby DNA in some of the acid in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake, and Tinky-Winky gave her the idea to use it to reproduce new Teletubbies. They stayed in the tubes for 20 years until the episode Freddy Fazbear vs. Teletubbies, where they were taken out by Po to fight Freddy, Rocket, and Pedobear. Po named them herself, and does not want to tell anyone why they have such odd names, because it's too embarrassing. (However, rumor has it that their names were code words used by Adolf Hitler for fellow Nazis that were translated into Telugu by the Teletubbies.)

The Tiddlytubbies today

Po is currently training them to be evil. She started by feeding them Po Doodles, which are essentially Dipsy Doodles but with more mind control powers. Ping is currently the one who follows the most in Po's footsteps, repeating everything Po says and doing everything she does. Po thinks that Daa-Daa is on the right path to becoming a master inventor like Dipsy, as Daa-Daa already invented something called Candee Custard (which is just Tubby Custard with Candee mixed in. HOW PATHETIC.) Ba and Umpie-Pumpie, however, are bad. Ba just causes a lot of trouble, and Umpie-Pumpie doesn't even WANT to be evil. And let's not even get started on the four lazy ones who just sleep...

The Tiddlytubbies in the future

Ping and Daa-Daa future

Ping and Daa-Daa, grown up.

In the future, Ping is Po's main minion, Daa-Daa is Dipsy's assistant, Ba was killed by Po, and Umpie-Pumpie has betrayed the Teletubbies and now works as a partner of Captain 0, Captain 7, Typhoon Katrina, and Tornado Mimi. The lazy ones are still sleeping.

Also, Ping and Daa-Daa will have a more prominent role on the Teletubbies' show, but the show will be banned 22 years and 6 months after that. Of course, by that time, there will only be 5 countries in the UnWorld: Soviet Russia, the United States of UnAmerica, the Bowser UnWorld Territories, and the Squadala and Ducky Empires.

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