• I asked Wikia Staff why they deleted the Stupididy Wiki (a wiki quite similar to RNW) without warning, and they told me that they've started deleting "randomness"-type wikis... Could this be the end of RNW? This is what they said: "The team have been reviewing wikis recently, and we are no longer comfortable hosting wikis that have no clear purpose and where a large proportion is very low quality content, or nonsense." This description is intentionally vague (like many other answers I've received from staff, as well as important Wikia legal documents like the terms of use), but it may include RNW.

    I don't want RNW to die.... Even though I'm banned because of W*lfie, I'll kinda miss the amazing content that the community has created over 10 years.... If the RNW gets removed from Wikia hosting, then that means that the good times I had on there will never come back, as even if it gets archived onto Miraheze, that user, as well as his whiteknight who ruined Warrior Cats for me, will probably blame me for getting the wiki taken off Wikia, even if it was Wikia Staff's decision, and do everything to prevent me from coming back..... (If the RNW does get taken down from Wikia, contact me on Miraheze. I've got the subdomain "" ready to go.)

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