• heya dude! i saw you posted as an article a collaboration request, which im interested in accepting!

    ive been interested in collaborating for a while now, and am already in discussion with around 2 other people, but they’ve gone unresponsive.

    for a basic on what ive done and what my capabilities are, im the writer of 2 wiki storylines, in which the main pages are linked to on my userpage.

    i'll also say my best work is in my following. (not all my pages i follow)

    i had 2 ideas for something to work on so feel free to accept me for this, unless you already have someone else that is.


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    • I accept! So what ideas did you have in mind? I was thinking maybe we could turn a popular clothing brand into the Mafia of the New Soviet Union Society, which we also could make a page on. You?

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    • bork

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    • ahh well, i had this idea of adding dice into wiki lore. i wanted to make them these magic items that get more powerful the lesser or higher their value is from a standard die (6 sided).

      i was also planning on writing a page on max stirner. he was a german philosopher who created the left wing political ideology “egoism”. he was a pretty interesting guy, a lot of memes about him.

      anyways, besides that stuff. i really wanted to extend by storyline on bulk bogan in non-specific way.

      so yea, those are my current ideas. interested in any?

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    • maybe we could add to bulk bogan's bloodline and incorperate them in the story as well?

      Like maybe his second cousin, who works against Bulk's evil agency, is a purple uno reverse card?

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    • actually pretty good idea good, i actually did have a specific character in mind being Bulk's father, who would be some sort of crazy powerful deity.

      he's mentioned on the timeline of the omniverse page.

      anyways, we could do the second cousin idea.

      but yea, whatever you want my dude

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    • also yea, i am particularly interested in some of those ideas but if you wanna do the bogan thing of course.

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    • I was also considering making a page tie into my Zendy's and "Wendy's" pages, to increase the memeability of all three. maybe we could combine that with whatever idea we choose?

      Coming to think of it, my two pages could go pretty well with Max Stirner, as all three are pretty hilariously illogical in the real world, and not just the UnWorld.

      But I'm cool if you would rather do another idea, I'm open to anything.

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    • well any of the 3 ideas i layed out (i'd personally prefer to work on dice or stirner) we can choose to work on, that is unless you have any ideas.

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    • hey, just created the Max Stirner and Father Bogan page so feel free to add stuff my dude

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