Cquote1 I'm a really useful engine! Cquote2

Thomas the Tank Engine... The finest piece of engineering on this side of the UnUniverse. With over 2000 horsepower(scratch that, OVER 9000!!!1[horse power], this great machine has the ability to crush even the strongest of forts, even the toughest of soldiers. Even the might of the 300 and even the great Darth Vader tremble before the might of this incredible creation. It is... THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!!

He's got relationships as well.

He's BFF's with another train named Percy, and he's dating with another train named Emily (He can do that you know).

History and Activities

Thomas the Tank Engine is a really useful tank engine who lives on The Island of Sodor, he has six small wheels, a short stumpy boiler, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy whistle and a short stumpy funnel. He was known to be a cheeky little engine and often whistles rudely at Gordon.  Thomas's evil clone is Thomas the Tank who instead of a funnel, has a long lanky barrel for killing innocent victims and engines as he rumbles down the line, and even down the road. Thomas's favourite controller is The Fat Controller but he is very morbidly obese, although Big Chris, a fat doughnut eating mechanic is not as fat as he is.

He has saved many innocent people from dying in the Extreme War. He crushed Benson's fort, killing all his troops. He even destroyed quite a few of the Teletubby terrorist bases. If anyone sprays graffiti on him, he comes back to their home and runs them over. He then hunts down the family that destroyed him. He is so amazing that he is Chuck Norris's taxi to his battlefield. He has transferable wheels that can turn into tires, skis and even robotic legs. People think he is only capable on the rails, but he is the most powerful piece of machinery yet. He can cope on the road, in the air or even water and space, unlike Gordon the loser. The only thing he cannot defeat is Chuck Norris and he has failed many times to do so.

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