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This is This is Bob, who is ready to stop Google and take back YouTube.

This is Bob is one of the good guys. He was created in 2007 after Google took over YouTube. He plans to take it back from Google. He was killed in 2013 by Google's executives. In 2016, he respawned. He was killed by Thanos in 2018, but respawned again in 2020. However, WaTeletubbies Unbound killed him AGAIN in 2021, but he respawned again in 2022. He just keeps respawning for some reason.

This is Bob is against Thanos and is also a follower of NaN, he has a tank for land attacks, a helicopter for aerial attacks, and a battleship for naval attacks.

Speaking of NaN, he is very good friends with her.

He was given a mission to stop the Teletubbies and their shows from brainwashing and corrupting other beings.

This is Bob was sent to the Dimension Jail after he got sent there by Dimentio.

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