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This is a shame from Y8 which totally lives up to its name.


The shame came out in 2008 and was created by the Baby Sun and Hitler's clone as an attempt to hack into the computers of children all over the world.


The shame opens up like any girly dress-up shame. The opening screen shows a picture of a girl clad in sparkly clothes with the words "My Stylish Closet" in a script font, with a "PLAY" button. Once the button is clicked, you see the girl standing there next to an open closet. You go to drag an item onto her, but then your computer gets flooded with pop-ups that say "Your computer does not have a virus! No malicious software found." and soon, the game crashes.

After that, your computer crashes.


  • This virus, for some reason, isn't blocked by anti-malware programs. especially Protegent which actually endorses not only the game but also Y8 it’s self.
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