This Ain't The Olympics is the 71st episode of Teletubbies, where Laa-Laa tries to jump over Dipsy, but this ends up being a massive failure.


We start out in a stadium, with Po and Tinky Winky in the stadium, full of red-eyed Stickmen, the two Teletubbies announce that they are training to get even stronger, and are broadcasting this pratice across all of Teletubby Land, and announce that Laa-Laa is going to jump over Dipsy. The two then go to the seats and begin snacking on pickled Teletubby Land Bunny heads as Laa-Laa and Dipsy come out.

Dipsy then gets down on all fours, and Laa-Laa starts running up to jump over, but when she jumps she trips over Dipsy's antenna, falls face-first, and then explodes, the audience applauds this, wanting an encore, so Laa-Laa respawns and does the exact same thing. They ask for another encore, so Laa-Laa respawns over and over again just to trip and explode, soon Po gets tired and uses her fruit loop of doom to destroy the stadium. Po then admits she can use Laa-Laa and Dipsy to use then technique to destroy the Olympics, somehow.


Children like this episode, and it actually made them more active than normal, parents still hated it, for it was a Teletubbies episode. And the Teletubbies never wanted children to be more active until they convert them, and it's hard to make an active person a Teletubby slave.


  • In the black ring, you can see Mumu's name, this episode was made before the BBC discovered that he was not evil, they wanted to make this an easter egg, so they got Zalgo to corrupt the text for them.
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