Theodore Pickleson

Theodore Pickleson: The Dictator of Pickle Land

Theodore R. Pickleson is the leader of Pickle Land and Pickles. He lives in Pickle City, and he has a mustache despite being a pickle. He is currently the shortest ruler in the world, right in there with Napoleon Bonaparte.


Theodore Pickleson was born in central Africa. As a pickle, he spent his entire childhood running from hungry humans and other almost as vicious creatures. One day he was sick of this, and that almost got him eaten, so he just kept running for his life. He grew a mustache.

When he was 27 years old, Theodore called in a meeting between pickles and humans to solve this problem. After the humans tried to eat the pickles, Theodore declared war on the humans. During the First Pickle War, Theodore was the leader of the pickles, and led them to the successful creation of Pickle Land. He then protected it from the humans.

About a decade later, non-human pickle hunters, and pickle hunting in other nations got so bad, Theodore declared the Second Pickle War. He sent pickles into the worst pickle-eating countries, and at the pickle hunters at home. He overextended, and lost miserably, but was still able to banish all non-pickles from Pickle Land. However, this was revoked three years later, thanks to Vlasic.

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