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The announcer is a skinned furby, and one of the most evil beings alive

The announcer
Full name: Unusual pulsating rectange
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Does not care about love, only about death
Hair color: None
Eye color: Light grey
Age: Infinity
UnBirthday: N/A
Species: Skinned furby
Height: 2'8
Weight: 55 pounds
Home: some giant spaceship
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: None yet
Dislikes: Louie

People that escape him

Education: Himself
Occupation: Killing and eating people
Religion: Meat grinderism
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
UnRank: -10000


The announcer was originally just a normal furby, serving Satan and The teletubbies like most furbies. This all changed when he was taken by What's inside?, which is a YouTube channel where they dissect random things to see what's inside them. After they took him, they ripped of his skin, fur, limbs, and facial features, and brainwashed him so that he didn't remember anything.

After being brainwashed, he decided to start a gameshow called "battle for dream island," but this ended up being insanely stressful for the announcer, and he developed PTSD afterward. His PTSD eventually led to him becoming a deranged, murderous psychopath.

the psychopathic announcer then started skinning and brainwashing other furbies, so that he could create an army of mindless slaves. He also built a meat grinder so he could grind innocent people into food. After Louie heard about the announcer's cannibalistic acts, he thought to himself, "IM THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO EAT PEOPLE AROUND HERE!" And then he went onto the dark web to find the announcer's whereabouts. Once he found the announcer, he was like, "Not today, buster!" And tried to eat the announcer, only to realize that he tastes like gasoline and then Louie spat him out immediately.

Louie.png Louie's Notes

Don't eat this