Cquote1 Yes, Yes! This is all going accoarding to the plan NOW KILL THE SURVIVING USERS MY CHILDREN Cquote2
The Queen

The Xenomorph Queen is the Queen of all Xenomorphs and a complete jerk.

ALIENS Queen Xenomorph by crophecy

Aww... look how much she LOVES her kids...


She was made when a royal facehugger laid and egg in somebody and than it spawned this loser. At first she had an egg sac that made her lay eggs. She laid a bunch of stupid eggs that hatched and killed half the users on the wiki. Then somebody else blew it up. Then she got made and launched an attack on the wiki. We really hate her because now the wiki isn't as populated as it once us.

Evil Plan

She made a hive filled with Xenomorphs and lauched an all-out attack on the UnAnything Wiki. The UnAnything Team snuck into the hive while all the Xenomorphs were at the battle field but they were caught by the Queen but than Chuck Norris burst into the hive and battled the queen. They had an epic battle but eventually Chuck beat the s**t out of her and threw her down the grand canyon.

Life After

She lives deep underground were she has another egg sac...

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