The Woomyvirus

A close up of a cell. Evil, right?

Species: Virus
Home: The Virus World
Death: They are still alive and out there...
Occupation: To infect people
Known For: Making people say "Woomy!" or "Nyges!"
UnRank: -300.31

The Woomyvirus are viruses that makes anyone say "Woomy!" or "Nyges!". They live in The Virus World. They teleport into bodies and suck in all renaming viruses. Better run if you see a cell of it, or it will infect you. RUN. JUST RUN!!! Wario was once infected, but a mysterious guy cured it. Do you know who he is? No? Okay, moving on. Jar Jar Binks was infected too, but the same guy cured it. THE SAME FRICKING GUY. WeeMalSheeGas was infected too, but again, THE SAME F***ING GUY CURED IT AGAIN!!! Did you get earape from THAT? Yes?! GOOD. Mooving on again. Get it?! Moo?! Har har har! It migrates for 20 hours. 20, right? No wait, 19! 19 hours. Long, eh? Every 3 months, someone gets infected. Oh boy. Watch out for these, because they are evil, luckily, they come every 3 months. Good, huh? There's more! They come at 5 am. 5 AM.

Step 1: Panic.

Step 2: Scream.

Step 3: Run inside.

Step 4: Get infected. That's how it goes. Then you start saying inkling s***.

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