The Void Outside the UnMultiverse is a void outside the UnMultiverse which separates it from the fabric of the UnOmniverse. WaWaWario traveled between the Void & the UnUniverse before he got stuck QPU misaligned for the rest of his life.



Photograph of this place, pretty interesting wouldn't you think?

It was discovered when Giygas got bored one day. He decided to do the most dangerous stupid thing possible: Stick Zeegee in the toaster, tape that toaster to a box of Apple Jacks cereal, put a Shamesphere in the box, get in the box and put it in the WaMachine. The Shamesphere & toaster overloaded & exploded, leaving only Giygas, a floating shopping list, Dr. Zoidberg & Zeegee in the middle of A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away. There was a strange door next to the text. Zeegee & Giygas went in. The door slammed shut, causing Zeegee to fall into The Void.

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