The United Brazilian Kingdom or North West Brazil officially known as the 5th District of West Brazil or Estado de Nuevo México (Bruzil) is a Unrecognized state like Kosovo that technically counts as a country due to recognition by the other Brazilian Republics that broke off during the Brazilian Divide but is not a country by either Bruzil or West Brazil because of the ongoing war between the two countries.

It is considered a Rump State and one of the 5 (or 6) states that came out of Brazil although this country is the same Brazil before the divide and has some degree of International recognition from the US Minor Outlying Islands,Germany, the United Kingdom,South Brazil,and the Bruzilian Libration Front


Samantha Stankey is their Queen but Saddam Hussein is the Governor General of the Estado de Nuevo México, And Rodney king is the Overseer of the 5th district of West Brazil.


State Religon

It Is The Only Catholic Country in the Former Brazilian States , Samantha Stankey is herself a catholic and so is everyone else

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