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The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! is a television show that aired on Weegee Network from 1970 to 1982. This show has 10 seasons and 300 episodes.


It's about the Drop Dead Wario Team fighting against the Koopa Dynastia, Wa-clones, and other enemies. Both of these teams also do other random crap sometimes.


This show is meant for people 18 and up because it has strong language, extreme violence, and more.


Wario and his crew wanted to make a TV show about their lives, and so does the Koopa Dynastia. So, in 1970, they made a pilot pitch and sent it to Weegee Network. The people at Weegee Network loved the idea! This new show was advertised everywhere. The pilot pitch ended up being more polished and had more professional editing by the editors of the show, and then Season 1 Episode 1: The War Starts happened. The first episode got 5 million views, and the majority of the people and the critics absolutely loved it! It then went on to become one of the most popular TV shows of the UnWorld of all time. The show was planned to have 15 seasons in total, but it only ran for 10 seasons due to the show not really being popular anymore ever since Season 9. It got cancelled due to the ratings being too low. The Drop Dead Wario Team and the Koopa Dynastia has moved on since then and attacked each other occasionally.. There are currently no plans to revive this show somehow.


More characters to be added as episodes get made and new characters get introduced.


  • Wario's house
  • The Koopa Dynastia base
  • A nondescript field
  • New Mario's house
  • A nondescript neighborhood
  • Mr. Jenkins's house

More locations to be added as episodes get made and new locations get introduced.


Season 1 (1970-1971)

  1. The War Starts - September 13th, 1970
  2. New Teammates - September 28th, 1970
  3. The Sword Battle - October 7th, 1970
  4. Ludwig the DDWTeammate [Part 1] - October 15th, 1970
  5. Ludwig the Betrayer [Part 2] - October 16th, 1970
  6. The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Halloween Special! - October 31st, 1970
  7. A Problematic Alliance - November 8th, 1970
  8. Bank Robbery - November 15th, 1970 (COMING SOON)



Once a season gets finished, a season box set releases.


  • This show was praised for its awesome story, great humor, awesome acting, and great editing.
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