The stupid adventures of po

the stupid box art

The Stupid Adventures of Po (not to be confused with The Dragon Warrior Po) is a unreleased shame for the Nintendo Shamecube starring Po. In this shame, Po wakes up one day and notices that the Teletubbies were kidnapped by Satoru Iwata, so she decides to kill everyone until she finds the others. the shame was unreleased because the gameplay was poor and the music was VERY AWFUL AND AWFUL IT GOT.


The player controls Po. For some reason, Po can shoot Teletubby Land Bunnies from the ring on top of her head, which is her main attack. She must use her Idiot Manipulation to control the bunnies and kill Everybody, and all of the other people she sees. Once all of the people are dead, the shame ends. Oh, you also get to use lotsa Bombs and Spartan Laserz.



  • Many criticized the shame because there was too many nincom poop ness such as Po coming back and forth from her house and not recognizing it.
  • There is a sequel called The Stupid Adventures of Po 2 but it was ultimatley banned too.
  • There was too much blood, note that: in every frame of the shame there's blood.
  • Po is so stupid that after beating the last boss she looked in a mirror in the boss room, thought that she was another boss and killed herself.
  • This shame was rated P for Po.
  • This shame has many morals. These include:
    • Po is stupid
    • Never try to be Po
    • Never play this shame
    • Never talk to strangers
    • Never eat Gum
    • This shame sucks