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The Starmen Company (sometimes called TSC) was an evil corporation, founded by the Lord of Evil, Giygas. It was originally stationed in the Giygas Dimension, but was later moved to the UnWorld after an attack from Dr. Eggman Nega.

This corporation produced everything that could promote Giygas' Empire and transform more people into mindless slaves. The Starmen Company owned huge territories, where the company was keeping their own military forces. Most of members were starmen.


The Starmen Company had some subcompanies to make more stuff. The biggest ones are:

  • Giygas Inc. - company, producting shames.
  • Starmen TV - broadcasting company.
  • H...A...P...P...Y... - toy production.


Most Important Members:

  • Giygas - Founder, Chairman, Lord of Evil

Less Important Members

  • Starmen - Employees
  • Giygas clones (not all of them, only some)- Employees
  • Eggman Nega (formerly) - Employee; rebelled, leveled the company's HQ with explosives
  • Eggman Nega's parents (formerly, identities unknown) - Employees; died from being overworked


Eggman Nega's Attack

After working at The Starmen Company for some time, Eggman Nega grew tired of the constant jeers and taunts that his co-workers were throwing his way because of his, shall we say, portly stature. Not knowing how else to react, Eggman Nega leveled the entire building with explosives. For him, of course, this was considered perfectly normal.

After this little stunt, the entire company had to be rezoned. The employees all packed their bags and left to another dimension. Since Eggman Nega could not travel between dimensions naturally, he stayed behind to build a dimensional transporter. Then, one thing led to another, and he wound up taking over the world instead. This may not make much sense, but this was, again, perfectly normal by Eggman Nega's standards.

Secrets Revealed

The Starmen Company's evil scheme was finally uncovered after release of the Dead Lucas shame. According to the shame's plot, the player's head had to explode. Some dumb executive at Giygas Inc. said that this was the way it supposed to work in real life. After this was implemented into the shame itself, people started to understand the evil nature of Giygas's plans and started a revolution. TSC was completely destroyed by rioters and Starman XD was killed. Later, Giygas revived him and killed him himself.


Nowadays, the property of TSC belong to Giygas himself and Mr. Monopoly. The latter was the original owner of the property, before TSC was rezoned. Then, Giygas paid him to become a co-owner of the property. They currently own it together, and it is recognized as a part of Giygas' Empire.