The Sock Show is a TV show that is insanely popular on the planet Ogg. It was made in Pig Land. Almost all the characters are socks.


Season 1

  1. It's Nerf or Nothing!: Surkus the Sock destroys Mars with Nerf Guns.
  2. Pigs and Twigs: George the Sock sells pigs and twigs.
  3. Sauce Sock: Surkus develops an addiction to special sauce. Mandatory anti-drug episode.
  4. HURGALURGALURGABLEH: Møos the Sock makes weird noises.
  5. B: B shows up and indoctrinates everybody into worshipping him.
  6. Epic Battle (Part 1): The socks go to a temple to fight the evil Destructo-Mecha-Socko-Tron.
  7. Epic Battle (Part 2): The socks defeat the Destructo-Mecha-Socko-Tron!
  8. Peanuts Gang: The socks meet the Peanuts Gang.
  9. Episode 9: This episode is just Microsoft Sam repeating the words "Episode 9" over and over again. Most boring episode ever.
  10. Episode 10: Neptune the Sock gets mad because she's the only girl sock on the show.

Season 2

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