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Looks kinda gross

The Snake of the Gales (Dà fēng zhī shé in Chinese, also more commonly known as the God of the Wind) is a serpentine like god who has control over wind themed weather, meaning that he has control over tornadoes and can make a tsunami just by slithering into a pool of water. Yet oddly enough, his body is instead on fire, so I don't know about that. His face has given me nightmares, too.

He is technically part god, part snake, part human face but that does not matter, what really matters is that he has a helmet that makes him invincible, so you cannot kill him when he wears it, unfortunately, without his helmet you can kill him by hitting him once, so he is rather weak without it. He also once overran a desert in China, but that problem was solved.

He can breathe in space, and his body is on fire because he bit the sun once, he is responsible for the recent five hurricanes at Radistania because he is carnivorous. One can consider him to be an evil god, as he almost never goes to Heaven, instead going to Hell to have a coktail with Bob Saget. And besides, he is malicious (and certainly not delicious).

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