The Silver Show is a TV show that aired on Crap Network and was originally sponsored by BBC. It stars Silver, a character from the Sonic shames. This resulted in Sega suing the show's producers, but the case was put on hold because of the Second Pickle War, which occurred during this show's development and clogged the courts with truckloads of convicted pickles.


Game Grumps-Fighting Silver (oddboy18 remix)


The show stars Silver and his infamous catchphrase, "It's No Use", which he shouts at every opportunity. There are multiple variations of this phrase throughout the show, which serve as the basis of each episode.

The storyline centers around Silver's desire to be in a Sonic shame, along with his inability to hold down a steady job. He consistently runs into Sonic, who always gives Silver the short end of every deal, along with Fatman, who hates Silver for a variety of reasons. Silver tries his best to prove his worth and get into a Sonic shame, but when his desire finally becomes a reality, SEGA goes bankrupt. Can Silver save it in time? Stay tuned to find out.





The title card for The Silver Show, which appears at the start of every episode.


Silver Needs a Job

Season 1

  1. Silver Goes Hunting
  2. Silver Becomes a Tennis Referee
  3. Silver Becomes a Bartender
  4. Silver Defuses a Bomb
  5. Silver Becomes a Fortune Teller
  6. Silver Moves to Russia
  7. Silver Returns from Russia
  8. Silver Goes Back to Russia
  9. Silver Traps An Orca
  10. Silver Stops a Hijacked Train

Season 2

  1. Silver Comes Back to SEGA
  2. SEGA Goes Bankrupt
  3. Silver Saves SEGA...Or Does He?


  • The Silver Show was called "Game Grumps Fighting Silver" in Europe and "Silver is Awesome" (銀は素晴らしいです--Gin Wa Shiruba) in Japan.
  • The theme song of this show was composed by the world-famous YouTube user Oddboy18 and is dedicated to the events of the show's first episode.
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