The Shupa Malleo Shupa Show is a horrible rip-off show made by Taylor Swift and Dipsy . It is known that a former Nintendus High student, Wapeach, is a fan. Nobody else is though, because the show is horrible.

Episode list:

Season 1 (2010-11)

101: Meet Weegee (Series premiere)

Weegee meets malleo

102: Laa-Laa and Sonic destroy Malleo

Malleo is buried alive.

103: Kuepah gets brainwashed

Weegee, Malleo and WaPo brainwash Kuepah.

104: Waweegee dies but Grounder brings him back to life and he destroys Katy Perry

Well..the title. And Katy Perry respawns.

105: Let's play " Destroy Tinky-Winky"!

Tinky-Winky  is destroyed by Malleo.

Season 2 (2011-12)

201: Weegee meets Noo-Noo

Weegee is sucked up by Noo-Noo .

Episode 202: Malleo destroys Katy Perry!

Episode 203: Stop!

Episode 204: I am Magikarp

Episode 205: Shake It Off

Taylor Swift shakes it off.

Season 3 (2012)

Episode 301: Meet Jumbah

Episode 302: Trapped in UnMario Wiki

Episode 303: Walleo gets destroyed

Episode 304: Iggy Azalea goes to town

Episode 305: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 306: MARIO

Season 4 (2013-14)

Episode 401: All your base are belong to Weegee and Po

Episode 402: Peach spins right round

Episode 403: GAME OVER!

Episode 404: Meet Rosalina

Episode 405: I am a Fakeegee

Season 5 (2015)

Episode 501: Jumbah,Magikarp,Peach,Iggy Azalea,Lemmy Koopa,Laa-Laa and Wario retire

Epiaode 502: 8 planets for 8 Koopas

Ludwig von Koopa takes over Mars where he is killed by Marvin Martian.

Episode 503: ROAR!

Katy Perry roars.

Bonus Season (2016)

The Bonus Season will premiere in 2016.

Countries it is banned in

UnUnited Kingdom

Antarctica (The show was sued by Rosalina in court)


Waluigi World

Dora the Explorer's house

Aruba (Taylor swift retired after season 4 was made and was replaced by daisy and then po got sued in court and so did wendy o koopa)

Angel Island

Bikini bottom

East Hyrule


Directors: Dipsy and Taylor Swift

Cast: Malleo,Weegee,Laa-Laa,Kuepah,Sonic,WaPo,Katy Perry,Tinky-Winky,Noo-Noo,Magikarp etc.

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