The Shaggy Connection is an Odd connection of 18 Characters. It is unknown why they are all connected to Each other, But we do know how they are connected together. So, grab some DINNER and look at this List of connections there are in this page, or whatever.

The list of People who are a part of the Connection. (Left to Right Order)

The Chain of Connections

  1. Shaggy Rogers - The One who started this connection (Hence the Name). Is Connected to both forms of Red Bird because he Blessed him.
  2. Red Bird - Was Split apart from Shaggy Blessing him. His Soul Form is a Henchman of Ashley.
  3. Ashley - Is the Master of Red, but is a Slave to Wario.
  4. Wario - Enslaved Ashley, and is brothers with Waluigi.
  5. Waluigi - Is Brothers with Wario. Is friends with WaPeach, which is a Wa Form of Peach.
  6. Peach/WaPeach - Is friends with Waluigi. Gets Kidnapped by Bowser 24/7.
  7. Bowser - Kidnaps Peach 24/7. Has Teamed up with This is Bob.
  8. This is Bob - Has Teamed up with Bowser. Is a Part of the Pepsi Republic.
  9. Pepsiman - The President of the Pepsi Republic, Which This is Bob is a Part of. Combined with Googolplex.
  10. Googolplex - Combined with Pepsiman. The Two made Super Pepsiman together.
  11. Super Pepsiman - The Combination of Pepsiman and Googolplex. The Good Counterpart to Super Dimentio.
  12. Super Dimentio - The Bad Counterpart to Super Pepsiman. Got destroyed by Ronald McDonald.
  13. Ronald McDonald - Destroyed Super Dimentio. Is a Boss in all of the Mario RPG games.
  14. Mario - He is here because Ronald is a Boss in his RPG games. Donkey Kong is his Pet Ape.
  15. Donkey Kong - His master is Mario. Is Enemies with King K. Rool.
  16. King K. Rool - Is Enemies with Donkey Kong. Ate Half of Olimar's Pikmin.
  17. Olimar - Half of his Pikmin were eaten by King K. Rool. Allies with Captain Falcon.
  18. Captain Falcon - Allies with Olimar. Is Frenemies with Shaggy Rogers.

Ok, so this stuff looks all useless and all, but I must be for something...

Anyways, I'm done with this shit. Now go down to McDonald's and DIE there. I'm sure you'll have much more fun than looking at this!

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