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This article explains all the notable deaths and resurrections of Kanye West.

The first time

He was flying a plane trying to imitate the 2001 terrorist attacks in 2001 that hadn't happened yet, but he failed and fell out of the plane. Luckily, he landed in a bush and was okay, but then this old lady pushed him in front of a bus and he died.

Then he got resurrected, of course.

The second time

He robbed a bank without a gun and was shot by Matt Driver because he is a volunteer sheriffs deputy who hates back people.

The third time

He was attacked by zombies on bath salts in Miami.

The fourth time

Watched a Gangam Style and died.

The fifth time

Got run over by a hot air balloon piloted by Dr. Rabbit.

The sixth time

Got taken to Hell by The Gate Keeper Of Hell for making a horrible Rap album called "Super Black Person Bling Swag Song."

The seventh time

Flipped his car into a Mattress store.Kanye West was unharmed, however, the store owner was pissed off at Kanye West. The owner grabbed his broom and started beating up Kayne. He was eventually beaten to death.

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