Hungry Pumkins Attack
The Pumkin Army is one of the world's most ruthless, elite, armies. Located in Pumkin World and lead by Mrs. Dictator, they will stop at nothing to kill all hostiles. They have such need for butter that makes them stop at nothing until they eliminate all hostile targets.


The Early Days

Shortly after Pumkin World was founded, the Pumkins knew that they would need an army to defend themselves form the humans. They began viciously guarding they border with several squadrons of Pumkins. The humans promised to leave the, alone, as long as they don't hurt any humans. But then, in 1903, the United States of UnAmerica attacked several Pumkin squadrons, killing all of them. The citizens of Pumkin World were outraged that the USA attacked them without any reason nor prior warning. This lead to the creation of the Pazi Party.

The Pazis

The Pazis became a radical movement in Pumkin World that preached death to all humans. They believed that all humans were evil, Pumkin killing bastards. Elite Pumkin soldiers began sneaking across their border. Once in UnAmerica, they began kidnapping and killing humans. The United States was outraged, and believed that this had to stop. After the death toll rose to 24 dead humans, the US began negotiating with Pumkin World to create a treaty.

Post Pazis

After the Pazi movement was stopped in Pumkin World via the US Pumkin World Treaty of 19xx, they felt that there was no need to continue funding an army, so it was disbanded

The Return of the Pazis

Mrs. Dictator still held on to the radical beliefs of killing all of the humans. She and a group of Pumkins began to kidnap other Pumkins and brainwash them to believe in the Pazis most radical beliefs. She and her army lead a huge rebellion of epic proportions that allowed the Pazis to take complete control of the government.


A Pumkin recon soldier spying on "The Brotherhood of Propane."

The Great Pumkin War

Many years after Mrs. Dictator seized control of the government, she felt that after all of this time, her Pumkin army was ready to take on the human race. There were other factors that lead to this decision, such as the fact they were running low on resources. She chose to attack Arlen, a resource rich town in Texas. So she had her army attack he city. For a period of days, the army had seized absolute control over the cities activities. Unfortunately for them, they did not account for Hank Hill ad his freedom fighters, who deafeated the, and saved the town.


Today, they kill one UnAmerican every day. They are also being criticized for conducting bizarre, other worldly experiments involving Pumkins, DIE. They also like to watch Hank Hill Youtube Poops.

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