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Yo, yo, Piraka! (Left-right: Reidak, Avak, Hakann, Vezok, Thok, and their leader Zaktan)


Piraka Rap

Their theme song, yo, yo.

The Piraka are a group of six insane skeleton-like beings known as skakdi who went on a killing spree. Although not the direct opposite of Toa (But the Makuta Brotherhood rather), they went undercover as Toa. To a further extent, they are direct opposites of the Beta Trolls. Zaktan leads them. Their chests and weapons tell them what rank they are. Gold meant they were the first/second in line of command, silver meant third/fourth, and gunmetal meant fifth/sixth. Their whereabouts are currently unknown, though there is a possibility they were killed by attacks powerful enough to damage the spacetime continuum.


  • Zaktan, the Snake; leader (100% Cunning, 0% Cuddly)
  • Vezok, the Beast (100% Animal, 0% Pet)
  • Hakann, the Bully (100% Explosive, 0% Fuse)
  • Avak, the Trigger (100% Arms, 0% Charms)
  • Thok, the Drifter (100% Solo, 0% Social)
  • Reidak, the Tracer; second-in-command (100% Hunter, 0% Chicken)

List of murders


Although they have personalities.

  • Zaktan is often described as a turncoat by those in the know.
  • Vezok flies into a brutish rage with little provocation.
  • Hakann is just a general asshole to everyone nearby.
  • Avak...well, rumor has it that his square root is a Glock 19.
  • Thok hates socializing and prefers to be a lone wolf. He alone knows that the Piraka don't trust each other.
  • Reidak: Remotely intelligent, but doesn't plan anything ahead of time, instead preferring to use brute strength.


  • It is said they are good rappers, hence their theme song.
  • Being the leader of a gang of polynesian rappers associated with skull imagery, Zaktan has developed a fascination with Giant Isopods. This could make a good first impression on other such people...
  • Their name means "thieves" or "murderers" in the Matoran language.