The Peggle Masters are a bunch of random weird creatures that are superheroes. They were founded by a crazy Unicorn that denies it.



Bjorn went on a search for members and succeeded. To see a more detailed verstion of the history click HERE. After they were formed they faced giant monsters and stuff like that. Once they teamed up with Captain 0 to help fight Captain 1, Captain 2, Captain 3, Captain 5 and Ploxy and his PloxyBots. They have helped destroy lots of Pumkins as well and they helped stop some people from destroying everything interesting. Their archenemies are the Wolfs. Later, They sensed that a dark force was plotting to take over, they tried to track down and destroy it, but they were never seen again


  • Bjorn
  • Jeff
  • Berg
  • Gnorman
  • Luna
  • Windy
  • Jimmy Lightning
  • Kirk
  • Tristin
  • Lily
  • Pearl
  • Kablewy
  • Batrina
  • Shelldon
  • Roxy
  • Buddy
  • Phoebee
  • Kat Tut (formerly)
  • Splork (formerly)
  • Claude (formerly)
  • Renfield (formerly)
  • Tula (formerly)
  • Warren Rabbit (formerly)
  • Lord Cinderbottem (formerly)
  • Master Hu (Deceased)
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