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A shot of Chuck Norris, right before the defeat.

On January 19th, 2031, Undefeatable Chuck Norris WAS DEFEATED by a zombified version of Hitler's Clone. It is the only recorded defeat ever in history of Chuck Norris.

The Battle In Depth

The battle took place in a public library in San Diego, California, at 11:48 at night, January 19th, 2031. Chuck was enjoying a good book at the public library, when suddenly, a blood-curdling howl was heard from outside. Next, an army of zombies marched through the building, led by Hitler's Clone.

Chuck eliminated the minor zombies first, and began to engage Hitler's Clone in battle. At first, Chuck had the upper hand, using his Red Hawk Roundhouse Kick to deliver massive damage to Hilter's Clone. However, the clone decided to pop an abnormal amount of steroids, so much that he self-destructed and took Chuck Norris (as well as half of San Diego) with him.

The Aftermath and Current

Chuck survived of course, but he was put in a hospital for two weeks. Chuck is currently ashamed of his defeat, and hides in his house. He has not been seen since, and it is unknown if he has commited suicide or not.


This is actually a story told from the perspective of the zombies, so they think they won, but they didn't. Chuck Norris really won, obviously.(That, and only zombies can remeber as chuck erased everyone minds.)

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