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Cquote1 DA STAR! Cquote2
Macadamia Nut
Cquote1 WAT STAR? Cquote2
Demon Peanut
Cquote1 DA STAR!!! Cquote2
Macadamia Nut
Cquote1 WAT STAR YA TALKIN' 'BOUT? Cquote2
Demon Peanut
Macadamia Nut

The Nutcracker is a boring tale about a girl who turns tiny and sees nuts. Just. Nuts.


A girl gets a nutcracker and somehow turns tiny. She sees LIVING NUTS and has to deal with the Mouse King who wants to steal the Nutcracker's waifu.

Da Movie

The movie begins with a girl. The girl has a bazooka that she is using to kill her brother because he is a stinking punk. She realizes that her uncle is coming so she throws the bazooka in her brother's hand, blaming it on him. Sadly, her uncle was just a picture because the king was sick.

The uncle gives her & and her brother some early presents. Most of them were DINNER and spaghetti, but the girl got a nutcracker. Apparently the nutcracker was as shiny as the bum of Chuck Norris. Sadly her brother killed it, so she went to sleep and started to growl for no reason whatsoever. FREAKING NUTS appeared and the demon peanut asked what the heck a nutcracker is. So a rotten nut told him about a girl dancing with a hobo. The Mouse Queen was jealous about the dudeseven though she was ALREADY married to someone else, so she made the girl into Miley Cyrus. The demon peanut said that he can't believe that he spent 90 minutes hearing a bunch of spam.

The nuts started to run all over the place because the Mouse King appeared. The hot one screamed like a girl and woke up the other girl. The girl called the exterminator and killed just about everyone. The Mouse King stole the star so the girl stepped on him. Blood went everywhere and her brother put the bazooka in her hands. Fatman appeared and threw the Fatarang at the girl and killed her.

I'm too lazy to write the rest of this :P

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