The Moaning Stones are moai heads living on Zing Isle, they appear in the BBC's musical monstrosity known as ZingZillas.

Panzee mocking some of The Moaning Stones.

They have been known for feasting on babies who are immune to the CBeebies virus, as those rare children are deemed useless by the BBC, they can also shoot sky high into the air, usually to signal a event, like how The Magic Windmill announces The Magical Events to the Teletubbies. They usually hit nearby aircrafts that were sent to bomb Zing Isle, said aircrafts crash into the ocean and are never seen again. They sometimes use there soaring powers after eating 5,000 megatons of gunpowder, and overall act as Bombs filled with CBeebies Organisms.


All four of The Moaning Stones were created by Dr. Rabbit by chiselling all four of them, usually when he was gone or wasn't looking, they'd talk, soon however, one of them slammed into another after he gave said one a copy of ET for the Atari 2600 for Christmas, Dr. Rabbit noticed and used his catapult to fling them off of Easter Island, and onto Zing Isle, they have since then became the first things on Zing Isle. They have since then became bombs/troops in the Cbeebies Army.

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