The Mighty Boosh Killeroo

The Mighty Boosh Killeroo

first episode of the series

The Mighty Boosh is a british TV show by Noel Fielding and Julian Baraat. It aired on the BBC in England, and Adult Swim in America.


Vince Noir and Howard Moon are the “best of friends” and work together at a zoo.

There, they get up to misadventures with crazy characters like Bob Fossil, the insane zoo manager, or Naboo, the in zoo shaman who preforms magic.

Along side other fan favorites like Dixon Bambridge and Bollo the Gorilla, the show is wacky entertainment for not the whole family but certainly those 13+!

After season 1 Howard and Vince get fired from the zoo along side Naboo, thus Howard and Vince start working at Naboo's store, the Nabootique. Here they get up to even more insane antics!


After Noel met Julian at one of his gigs, they found out they had a lot in common and decided to work on something that England had never seen before!

This lead to the creation of “The Boosh”. A currently lost to time stage performance that was the origins of the classic characters we know today.

These shows caught the attention of the BBC who commissioned them to make a radio show based off of their stage shows (the majority of these radio episodes would be made into TV episodes).

After the fairly high popularity of the radio show, the BBC decided to commission a single season of a Mighty Boosh television series. After that season turned out to be so popular, they ended up renewing it for 2 more seasons.

The show aired from 2004-2007 in England.

After the show ended, Noel and Julian continued doing stage shows and concerts as their characters of Vince and Howard. This lasted until 2013, when the last Boosh show ever happened.

In total, the Mighty Boosh lasted from 1998-2013.


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