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The Masque of the Red Rabbit Ears was a horror movie released in late 1997 by Dinner Pictures. It is known worldwide for being "the worst movie of all time."


The movie takes place in a medieval (1441) village somewhere in England. Laural Bakely (played by Koromo Ryuumonbuchi), the town's pillager and plunderer, is relaxing in a barn, when the local blacksmith (played by Johnny C. interrupts her, and tells her a strange scream has been heard around town. When she and the other townspeople go to investigate, they find a dead body with a mask on it, and a post-it note on the face, which read:

"Aye who reads this must find the seven keys

and unlock the God free"

Laural, gathering the blacksmith, Edgar Ross, his brother, Sigur (played by Link), Wendy Baker (played by Zelda), and Herbert Samwise (played by Billbo Baggins) all head out to unlock the mystery of the Masque of the Red Death.

When they finally reach the castle of the Read Death, they set free Satan (Played by Katz) who goes on a killing rampage across the country. It's up to our heroes to stop them...


Koromo Ryuumonbuchi as Laural Bakely

Johnny C. as Edgar Ross

Link as Sigur Ross

Zelda as Wendy Baker

Billbo Baggins as Herbert Samwise

Katz as Satan

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