The Magic Windmill

You're now Tubby Toast

The Magic Windmill is an electronic device created by Po to determine what the weather would be like in Teletubby Land.

It was supposed to be shaped like an upside down star, because the Teletubbies are evil, but then got changed into a swastika because their bosses, the BBC were a Nazi group. The wheel accidentally was made with magical powers that can turn people into Tubby Toast. The Magic Windmill is no longer used to determine the weather, since it could never get it right, but is used to kill people instead. Anyone who sees it (not through a televison) usually dies or gets put into a 8 year hyper-sleep. It's good equivalent is thy Holy Windmill.

The entire Magic Windmill toppled over during The Great Teletubby Land Massacre, so it was replaced with the Magic Windmill 2.0, this new model also turns people into Tubby Custard and Stickmen.

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